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If you have been participating in online betting, then you probably have come across the bonus bagging deals. One might wonder

just what is bonus bagging?

This is a service offered to online betters that is based on match betting on offers for signing up to bookmaker. It claims that you can earn risk free money, a total of $500 per month if you use its match betting services. Well, to the prudent person, this deal might sound too good to be true.

Can you really bag $500 in one month? Well this is partly true and partly false. Those familiar with betting know that it is a 50/50 situation, where you can either win or lose. If you are very good at betting, chances are that you will reach this goal, while if you are new, chances are that you will lose.

There are many other places where you can play match betting. Why then, use bonus bagging? For one, match betting requires you to use a lot of time in doing a little research on how to safely place your bets. You will need to look for available match betting sites online, go through their terms and conditions, check for potentially profitable bets against your free and qualifying bet and calculate their respective lay stakes, and then get your profits if your matches are right. With Bonus Bagging, however, you only need to sign up, request for a new bet and follow instructions that will be sent to you through mail.

Second, it offers you higher chances of success should you follow the give instructions. These instructions show you the best bets to go for, chances of you winning the bets as well as how much you would need to put in in order to get maximum profits. Otherwise, you may end up losing your money. On whether Bonus bagging is legitimate or not, a number of people have used it and have reported back satisfaction with using the services. It can thus be said that the service is safe for betting.

For those who do not have any experience in betting, you may find this service to be absolutely helpful to you. Since you are literally spoon fed the bets, you are likely to make some free money there. However, you should be careful to remember to go through the terms and conditions document before you proceed to make the bets. Bonus bagging is available only to US and UK residents, where the bookmakers majority offers bonuses to people living in these two areas. Otherwise you may end up getting disappointed over some unexpected bet expectations.

After looking at all this and knowing the nature of doubts placed on such huge money making promises, I would recommend that you go slow on this, if you are new. First learn what match betting is, and then follow the good old betting and investment advice of using only the amount of money you are willing to lose.