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Introduction to MetaTrader 4 Free Trading Platform 2016

MetaTrader 4

is basically a trading platform created by Meta Quotes Software for online forex trading and potential markets. MT4 is usually known, can be downloaded at no charge right away from the Meta Quotes site which is or through many online forex agents. MT4 gives instruments and assets that permit dealers to study price and control trades, and utilize computerized trading strategies. This instructional exercise will give a prologue to a large number of MetaTrader 4’s components, including diagram settings, technical scrutiny tools and business positioning.


Agents offering accounts agreeable with Meta trader 4 generally offer downloading links where an account can be opened as demo or live and a customized platform is downloaded and installed, making the procedure somewhat easier.

You can download Metatrader 4 for your tablet or PC here or here. Establishment guidelines can be found at the connection destinations.


Once An account(demo or live) is up and running price changes in that agent’s price records can be shown and studied inside the Metatrader 4 platform. The essential utilisations of Metatrader 4 are:

  • Trade Performance.
  • Display of live Forex graphs that exhibits price reforms time to time.
  • To keep provision of logical chart making tools including all the main pointers, permitting technical scrutiny by the client of live and past Forex graphs.
  • To keep provision of alerts and news that can be customised by the merchant.
  • To display prevailing open trades and shut former trades.
  • With former data back testing trading systems.


Your agent will most likely offer you the option of utilizing either Metatrader 4 or if nothing else one other trading platform. Frequently, the other option to Metatrader 4 is an exclusive program based platform. You ought to consider the points of interest and drawbacks of picking Metatrader 4 over any probable options.


  • The Meta trader4 Forex agent platform generally runs more rapidly and is less problematic than other browser based choices.
  • Metatrader is consonant with most retail Forex agents, and hence can be utilized to run various accounts. Most intermediaries are Metatrader4 Forex agents. If you want to switch intermediaries, you can most likely utilize it with your new intermediary, so you would not have to figure out how to utilize another platform.
  • Metatrader online group are there that offers assistance and backing to Metatrader clients.
  • As Metatrader 4 is so well known, an extensive variety of customised pointers and master counsels is accessible, to perform on each sort of trading system.
  • An extensive variety of MT4 graphs are offered by Metatrader for review of price motions and live prices in various configurations.
  • Metatrader 4 is accessible for smartphones.
  • Many agents offer Metatrader4 demo accounts, permitting yearning dealers hazard free practice under genuine market situations.


  • Some intermediaries force somewhat more extensive spreads on MT 4 than they offer on trades executed through their platform which is proprietor.