At ForxMachine, we protect every individual’s right to privacy. Our relationship with you is our most valuable asset, and we can state it with pride that we maintain it with the highest levels of respect and loyalty. It is our responsibility to provide each of our clients with the best security and safety when they trade with us. The provisions stated further apply to our former clients, current partners/clients and all applicants.

Personal Information

When you use ForxMachine services, apply for or keep a live account/subscription, personal information regarding you will be collected for business uses. This information will be limited to- evaluation of your financial requirements, processing your transactions and other requests, providing your information about our services and products that would be of interest to you, and for providing customer service. This information includes:

  • Personal: The information that you give us on applications and other forms; it includes your name, email ID, address and contact number.
  • Cookies: The cookies are those files in your web-browser that have information used by a web site for tracking visitors.
  • IP Address: When the web browser or any application requests for a message or web page from another PC on the internet, the address where this information is to be sent is given to the source. This address is known as IP address, where the IP means ‘Internet Protocol’.
  • Tracking Pixels: HTML emails and other web pages have a Tracking Pixel, which is a short code. This is for transferring or collecting data from an image request for supporting the site’s analytics, advertisement auditing/reporting and for personalizing content and ads.

Cookies on ForxMachine

ForxMachine may set as well as access its cookies on your device. These are of two types, session and persistant. The former is present for the time that you stay on our website, while the latter is set for repeat visits. This lets us know the promotions and advertisements that lead users to our portal. ForxMachine and any of its departments can use these cookies relating to ForxMachine services and products to track your movement/activities on our sites.

Tracking Pixels on ForxMachine

ForxMachine may collect data by Tracking Pixels, regarding your browsing activities. This includes information such as the web-address of the page you are viewing, the address of the referrer page that led you to the present URL, the time you viewed the page for, your display configuration and your web environment. The information collected through Tracking Pixels may be used by us for understand the patterns in traffic and the quantity of visitors to our network of partner websites.

Security on ForxMachine

Customer security is of utmost importance to us, which is why we use the latest in SSL or Secure Socket Layer encryption to protect the information that you submit to us. This technology is what keeps the information that you submit to us from being intercepted by someone else. Our teams work very hard to make sure that our web sites are safe and abide by all industry regulations. We use a number of other safety mechanisms as well, including firewall, authentication systems as well as access control for preventing unauthorized access to our data and system.

Opting Out

You are free to provide us with the information we request, and you are free to deny it to us as well. However, failure to provide us with the requisite information may result in the inability of ForxMachine to open your account, or maintain an account for you or provide any services. We strive to make sure that every information that we have with regards to you is accurate and is updated to the best ofForxMachine’s knowledge. However, you can help us as well, by notifying us as quickly as possible in case of any modifications.

If you wish for us to not share your information to our affiliates or the third-parties listed in this policy, then you can send a request to us by email or at our address, and we will do our best to accommodate it.